business networking.
when you want.
where you want.
as often as you want.

MEEOW brings 4 business people together, at random to video network from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, any time.

Save time and money, on making money.

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meeow business networking meeting

the new business community
for the new normal

Lockdown has taught us all that not only can life try and trip us up at times, but that life and business can continue during challenging times.

MEEOW is the new business community where people meet people, online and make connections by knowing one another better.

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founders of meeow, simon glenn and chris rabbitt

leading a step change in the world of business networking

Business networking forms the basis of the new business strategy for over 50 million SME businesses worldwide and generated over $14bn of business globally in 2019.

Simon Glenn and Chris Rabbitt have identified how traditional business networking has fallen behind in this new world of technology and the even newer world of the new normal.

Meeow is a direct response to the COVID19 crisis but this solution only serves to bring the business networking out of the dark ages and into the modern world.

meeow business networking meeting

imagine if LinkedIn & Zoom had a baby ...

No really! Meeow brings the best of Linkedin and Zoom together in one place and without you, as the Meeowist, lifting a finger.

No need to find the people you want to speak with, message them, compare their diary with yours for an available time, then find 2 other people who’re both available at that time as well. It all just happens and all you have to do is enjoy the conversation.

But there’s so much more to Meeow as well ...

founders of meeow, simon glenn and chris rabbitt

Connection making is so easy ...
and you can do it everyday

When it’s so easy to connect with other business people round the corner or even round the world, why wouldn’t you want to do that every day? With MEEOW you can. Just logon, arrange a MEEOW or jump on one that’s about to happen and away you go!

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Reach farther travel less

We’ve all learned that distance means nothing in this new digital world. Face-to-face meetings are easy now through the magic of video. Use MEEOW to find people you’d like to speak with, in person and make a real connection.

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Don't message ... meet

Why send a message or email when you can meet your next client, an inspirational advisor or a future employer online, in person through MEEOW? Get to know your old and new business community better right now.

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You know there are only
4 degrees of separation?

Webinars and mass networking meetings are fine, we get those. But how do you make a real connection with a new person in an environment like that? With 4 people meeting in a MEEOW you all get the perfect blend of opportunity and connection… that’s why 4 degrees of separation works so well 😉

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